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The Fabulous Fifty Gallery

The "Fabulous Fifty" The "Who's Who" of the dahlia world. A listing of dahlias in rank order by the number of higher awards they have won during the calendar year. To make the list a dahlia must have won at least 50 or more blue and higher awards in the same year. This listing is taken from The ADS Bulletin of March 2005.

The Dahlia Buyer's Guide

Many catalogs of commercial dahlia tuber growers do not include pictures of the blooms of the tubers. This Dahlia Buyer's Guide is provided to fill that gap. This new version of "The Dahlia Buyers Guide" is designed to provide more complete classification information and "click" access to internet pictures and information about dahlias.

Work in Progress  

Dahlia Gold  - Pictures of the Top Fifty Show Dahlias of 2005.   This is a short version of the ‘Fabulous Fifty Gallery’ which now contains over 100 varieties.  We hope that by limiting the contents of ‘Dahlia Gold’ to the top fifty show varieties that we can manually create new versions each January in time to help with variety selection for the upcoming year.   

Pending Update – Pictures which are awaiting update into the main gallery directory.

Dahlia Arrangements