Dahlia Culture

Anybody can grow dahlias...some people just grow them better.

1. Selecting Dahlias to Grow
   by Louise Lawrence

  8. Naked Pot Tubers--stripped of pot and soil

2. Propagation
    by Ben Lawrence, Calvin Cook & Tom Cleere

  9. Dahlia Diseases
         by Ben Lawrence  

3. Soil and Bed Preparation
       by Ben Lawrence

10. Insect Problems
         by Ben Lawrence  

4. Growing Seedlings
by Don McAllister 

11. Topping
by Carroll McAllister and Carol Anderson

5. Planting Tubers and Plants
by Andy Andersen

12. Trimming
by Ben Lawrence  

6. Supporting Dahlia Plants
by Don McAllister and Ben Lawrence

13. Disbudding
by Louise and Ben Lawrence

7. Pot Tuber Notes
by Walter and Kit Jack.

14. Digging, Dividing, & Storing Tubers 
By Ben Lawrence